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No Cuddy, but House is on a beach and in a bar on the beach. Does that remind you of anything? Or maybe he chose to become a fisherman, arrrh.

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If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Prague, London, Kyoto, India, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Rio, Derbyshire, Vienna, Mexico, China.

Just a little, innocent experiment with some avatars. Thanks to http://community.livejournal.com/house_md_caps/ for the screen caps.
As usual, I should really get a life.

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Just because.


Oh. Holy. Crap.

That was…oh.God. I’m trembling. Can you believe I’m trembling? I can’t even get my fingers to type properly…

House is amazing. For the whole episode the tension was palpable…there was one point, I thought she was keeping the baby, and then. But, oh when he said he would’ve made an excellent father! I know it was sarcastic but my heart skipped a beat and I was all OHMYGAWD for the whole episode, and I watched as the minutes passed and my heart raced faster and faster while the last minutes were approaching ‘cause I knew that was it, and there was the kiss, and it was GREAT, and this episode is surely winning some Emmies next year ‘cause it was perfect, Lisa was perfect, and Hugh was *love*. And when Wilson made up that metaphor about the 8th grader and ponytails? That was SO fanfiction! And so cute. Oh. LoveWilson.

I don’t want it to be just about the kiss, ‘cause I loved the whole episode, and I cried a lot, and my eyes are still wet and teary and puffy and…but, oh God. The kiss.

He was so taken aback when she said “You son of a bitch”, as he clearly didn’t expect it. And when she actually pointed out that he was being paradoxical, telling her she would suck as a mother when she was getting a baby, telling her she would’ve been great when she had lost it…which means, to me, that he was not against her being a mom but her being a mom of an adopted child…or could also mean he’s a lying bastard who just wanted to look on a different light while he was safe because she had quitted…but we won’t think about that…so, what was the point again?

Oh. Yes. And then he realized that he truly didn’t know why he messes up with her, it was like an epiphany when he suddenly knew that he could still feel and wanted to prove it, and leaned down and…they were like drawn to each other, because she jumped on him ( J ) and then it was like they were breathing, drinking each other in, like their life depended on that moment, and it was frantic and sloppy and almost shy, in some sort of way, but also needed.

I was surprised by a couple of things. First: I found myself mesmerized by House’s cane: usually in fanfiction it’s  “And the cane fell on the ground, long forgotten”, instead he kept it, and it was a creepy presence (also uncomfortable, if you ask me). Second: there was a moment, when the kiss turned more sweet, and she wanted to continue it, you can clearly see that, but he stops. Very slowly, still breathless, almost unconscious, still focused on her eyes, still stunned, but he stopped while she wanted to keep kissing him.

I think that’s the most romantic thing he’s ever done. It was, after all, already surprising to him feeling all of those scary emotions burn inside him during the kiss. As we all know, House is not someone who welcomes strong emotions, he’s afraid of them, and yet he felt them so deeply, and strong, almost painfully so. Also, he knew it was wrong to take advantage of her emotional breakdown, she wasn’t in herself, she felt defenseless, she felt the urge to be loved…and, of course, he wanted to do the right thing for once. If things are meant to be, they’ll find a way to be, by following the right path.

So, he was scared and he was guilty (ah! Switching tables!) and he fled.  Also, I find interesting he decided to kiss her when she was being strongly weak (or weakly strong, if you get my point. She was broken and yet she was still a fighter), so different from her usual self. Was it an experiment? Was he trying to understand something or to tell her something? Was it a mistake? Does he regret this? Does she?

NOW. Promo.

Honestly, before watching it, I was almost 90% sure he would’ve told only to Wilson; and Cuddy, well, I thought she would’ve acted like nothing happened at all. Surprise surprise. House told everyone (even if no one believed him, I guess. Except for Wilson) and Cuddy wants to talk about last night awkwardness.

Since now on, I’ll be referring to Wilson as: Wilson the Matchmaker Cupid of PPTH. He wants House to act like a normal man and date her (which he won’t. And I love him for that. Keeping us on tenterhooks.)

Mwhahahha. That line made me laugh even if I was still shocked and confused and happy and crying. Plus, House seems back to himself, avoiding emotions, sarcastic little bastard with the presumption of being above miserable human beings who just go and do the stupidest think on the world: fall in love. Which, I admit, bothers me because it’s like he was mocking me for actually believing in his ability to feel, and in this relationship, as if it was just a one episode stand and then he was determined to act all cool like nothing happened and make me go Bones all over again. Still, I kinda hate/love him for that. Means we can still hope for this to show up later in this and next season, maybe even lastest episode ever will be all HuddyDelivering (mwhahahahahahahah).

However. Back to Wilson the Matchmaker Cupid of PPTH. So, when he goes to Cuddy and tells her that feared line, I interpret it as “[What if House told you or House will never tell you or House wants to tell you or House is not the kind of guy who’d tell you … even if it’s true] I’ve always had feelings for you”. Or, it’s just some sort of mind screwing little Wilsonish way to prove Cuddy a) She loves House (because at his declaration she could answer “I’m sorry, but I love House” (I know. Unlikely. Shut up.) b) She actually wants him (House) to say that, because, as House once pointed out, she wants someone to tell her he loves her one granted syllable a time. So, she realizes that she wants House and yadda yadda yadda.

Because there’s no way Wilson loves Cuddy in that sense. He loves both Cuddy and House and wants them to hook up, and so he plays matchmaker (hence Wilson the Matchmaker Cupid of PPTH. ) because he wants them to be happy and is frustrated because he’s seen them dance around that for so many years now that he’s tired of listening to them both complaining and being blind about it and wants it to be it. Wilson is Huddy. *love*

Plus, he could also play the dead girlfriend card and put it all on lost chances and such. He would totally be my hero.

I know something about his situation, ‘cause I have two friends of mine acting very House/Cuddy-ish refusing to admit their feelings and then complaining about that with me and it’s going to make me crazy. So, sympathy to Wilson (I love you).

Oh, BTW. I loved 13 in this episode. Also Skutner (J ). And I’m sure I’m going to hate Cameron even more in next episode…which makes it even greater, ‘cause I love hating Cameron, it’s how I release tension.

One last note. You know how we ship a couple for years then it comes the moment where our fantasy comes true and everybody freak out and don’t want it to happen ‘cause then the magic would be over and no more hoping, dreaming, fanfictioning? I was one of them too. But now, now I know I don’t care about dreaming, DS is a genius, and Huddy’ll keep living and won’t be forgotten and if they hook up I’ll be the happiest girl alive, I don’t care about other aesthetical consideration about the show, they’re meant to be and that’s it.

Now. I think I’ll go rewatch the episode again.

PS: do we really need to wait TWO LONG WEEKS before knowing what the hell they’re planning to do with their life? Why does people want to be lonely?




Australian Promo: that was so clear; very well put  “All his life he's kept his feeling in, but now he is about to confront his greatest fear: LOVE”. I couldn’t have said it better.

He spies on her. Which means that he’s trying to find out if he actually loves her. Which means he thought about loving her. Which means he loves her. OOooooooooh.

Global Preview: I hate it. So we’ll act like nothing happened. I mean…What does Wilson want to prove? Ok. I know exactly what he wants to prove, actually, and I adore him. She wants to make House jealous, wants to bother him, maybe even punish him. Mwhahahah. 4th graders. And Wilson is a genius, because he knows what cords to push. “That wouldn’t be fair to House” and she accepted…clear! Sometimes, I really do love Wilson. He’s a wonderful manipulator. He’s manipulating House into dating Cuddy by manipulating Cuddy into dating him by making her believe that in this way she’s screwing with House by dating someone else. Isn’t that Shakespearian? Nothing good can come from here…because Wilson already tried this path. Not going to work. House…well, it’s House, and he won’t fall for that, and if he does, results are not what we’d like them to be. He could be actually led to give up. Or…

What a flash. Jealous!House and Jealous!Cuddy having sex after her date with Wilson. If he succeeds,  I’ll love Wilson for the rest of my life, and he’ll be my role model, my hero, my everything.

HL and LE interview: that was sent by God. It clarified that we still get all the Huddy Tension and Foreplay with some Huddy Action, and that’s going to last, because we (and the show) don’t lose anything.  I like the way they’re talking about it…as if they want, at the same time, assure us not to worry, because the show won’t be badly affected by it, and, at the same time, it’s going to be even better.

But…there’s always a but…House, Love, Acceptance…seems like what should happen in the last season (him loving Cuddy etc.) and if it happens in the first 7 episodes of season 5, my experience tells me we’re about to confront harsh times of breaking ups. Hugh Laurie signed for other 3 years…and while I’m happy for him…maybe it’s not such a good sign for Huddies: Huddy is not going to last till the end, unless they cool down things for another whole season (damn). Most important, it’s not the relationship itself…it’s the realization. If House loves, and accepts it, then he changes…and there’s no going back once your heart is so open. Well, that’s not true. It could break, but House’s heart is so wounded that it wouldn’t survive. Easy writers, easy.


I’m so worried. That’s too bad. I wouldn’t want to say it, but maybe they’re rushing things…That’s last season material! I know we’ve already waited too long but…oh, my rational side and my sensible side are fighting…